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Oticon/AHS Better Hearing Challenge

What is the Oticon/Advanced Hearing Systems Better Hearing Challenge and Who can participate?

►The Oticon/AHS Better Hearing Challenge is a program designed for patients who are currently wearing another manufacturer’s hearing devices or a previous model of Oticon hearing devices and are looking to upgrade their technology.

►The Challenge comes in having these patients try Oticon Real 1 for two weeks and hear the benefits of our life-changing technology.

►If the patient decides to keep the Oticon Real’s, regardless of whether it’s Real 1, Real 2, or Real 3 devices, at the end of their evaluation period, they will receive up to a $750 rebate. Purchased September 31, 2023 thru December 31, 2023.

We have a limited number of Real 1 demo’s for you to try for two
weeks so call as soon as possible to avoid being put on a waiting list


Oticon Real Hearing

Free Clean and Hearing Aid Check

We offer free cleaning and check on hearing aids.

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Risk Free 30-Day Trial

Risk free 30 day trial on hearing aids.

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